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Did you ever plan a hiking or biking trip? It takes a long time to collect all the information from different places such as routes, weather, gear, topography, POIs, restaurants, lodges, directions etc. Triphunt helps you to plan your next outdoor trip with your friends and family with all the information you need in one app. We came up with the app idea initially in 2016, did a huge market research and finally started to develop it as own product natively for iOS and Android with a team of developers in 2022.

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Design System

We have setup a multi platform system, which supports native iOS and native Android components, as well as light and dark mode for both platforms. A 3-Level token setup allows to create an aligned base palette for all platforms. The token system also supports native typography and colors for native components.


All components are tokenized and properties are aligned between design and development. The system supports native components such as iOS actionsheets or Android Chips. New custom components are following native patterns of each platform and therefore allow easier updates after future major OS updates to reduce development costs.


The design follows the native patterns and design language of both platforms, so users of iOS as well as Android feel home and know how to use it. The general design is using earth and nature tones and natural materials in illustrations.

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