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Design System Architecture

Postbank iOS App and Android App


Postbank embarked on an innovative project, developing a new mobile application using a modern tech stack. As the lead design system architect, I’ve created a tokenized design system tailored for iOS and Android platforms. This system, accommodating multiple brands, presented a unique challenge of unifying diverse identities under one cohesive framework while supporting native functionalities and look and feel. The implementation of this design system not only accelerated product design and development for Postbank but also extended its benefits to other brands. In addition to system design, I created documentation and processes for communication between designers and developers, ensuring alignment of component requests and feasibility checks.

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    UX/UI Design, Design System, Processes, Documentation

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    iOS & Android App

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Design System

We've established a tokenized multi-platform system that seamlessly integrates with native iOS and Android environments, alongside custom components. Employing a sophisticated 3-level token setup, we've developed a unified base palette across all brands, minimizing the need for custom overrides and streamlining the creation of future application themes for new brands. Additionally, the system supports native typography, incorporating custom brand fonts and icons to ensure brand consistency and identity.


The strategic goal was to reduce design and development efforts and costs in future updates, so the approach was to go as native as possible and follow native iOS and Android patterns and design languages.

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