Digital heating systems for real estate

UX/UI Design, Brand, Design System

Triphunt iOS and Android App in a phone mockup


Transforming the real estate sector, Sensaru revolutionizes heating systems by offering digitization solutions. Their custom-developed sensors enable precise control, optimizing heating costs, and reducing CO2 emissions. We are driving the UX/UI design across various platforms – from the website and cloud platform to the mobile app. Leveraging research, conception and 3D illustration, we are crafting a seamless user experience. Additionally, we are developing a design system, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

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    UX, UI Design, Brand, Design System, 3D

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    Web App, Website, iOS & Android App

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Design System

We've established a comprehensive design system that caters to native iOS and Android components, along with web components for the cloud application. These components are fully tokenized, employing a 3-level token setup. This structure enables seamless application of changes across all platforms with ease.


Given the cloud application's support for numerous data points across various devices, prioritizing a modular design was crucial. This approach ensures adaptability to diverse use cases, allowing for the presentation of data in varying widget sizes. Moreover, the detail views of devices offer a flexible layout, accommodating multiple list entries and data inputs seamlessly.

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